terms & conditions of entry


* Ensure you are following current COVID 19 Government Guidelines whilst you participate in your sponsored activity.

* We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, incident, accident whilst you participate in your sponsored activity.

* If walking your Dog, avoid hot periods during the day, pick up your poo, and keep on a lead in populated areas.

* If dropping or Collecting Sponsor Forms / Sponsorship Money, please ensure social distancing, and observe the rules of any establishments ie The Healthy Pet Shop. 

* This event is open to anyone, anywhere, but we hope to resume The Big Teignmouth Dog Walk on the Promenade October 2021.

* All photos from participants that are uploaded will be entered into Prize Categories. The only Prize entry not requiring a photo is ' Most Money Raised'.

* If we wish to use any photos for social media / publicity. We will contact you first for your permission. 

* All information given ie Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, is for our own use and for Charities to claim Gift Aid.

* Paper Information will not be kept after the event.