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THE BIG TEIGNMOUTH DOG WALK  Sunday 6th October 2019  Will be updated for the 2020 walk 

By arriving on the day, it is deemed that you have read the Entrant Terms and Conditions, and by participating in the event you have accepted the content. Any queries before the date, please email to

1. ALL dogs must be kept on a lead at all times throughout the Walk. You may use a retractable lead, you but must be in control of your dog at all times. ALL Dogs are the owners responsibility at ALL times. Please observe those dogs with yellow ribbons (for more information please visit the website

2. Ensure leads, collars, harnesses etc are fit for purpose and use before the start of the walk. We accept no responsibility for incidents where equipment is faulty etc.

3. All participants in charge of a dog must be over the age of 14 years.  Under 14’s must be accompanied by an over 18.

4. Please follow the walking course either 1km (Level Promenade suitable for Wheelchairs) or 3km (includes section of beach walk), marshals will direct you throughout the course. There are no Lifeguards on the beach this time of year. Participants must stay away from the waters edge. We accept no responsibility for any person or dog entering the water. This is at your own risk. In the event of an emergency in the water Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. 

5. Please be prepared for the weather on the day, i.e. suncream and hats, or warm clothing / waterproofs. In the event of inclement weather or unusually hot sunshine the event may be cancelled or route altered.

6. In the event of a cancellation of the walk, this may be postponed to a later date. Entrance fees are non refundable,  and all proceeds will be donated to the charities as a 50/50 split (Animals in Distress & CoppaFeel)

7. Please be aware that there may be other users of the Promenade/Beach not taking part in the event .

8. Please make sure you pick up after your dog. There are several dog bins along the seafront (not on the beach however). Please avoid where necessary using the litter bins for dog waste and vice versa.

9. In the event of a first aid matter or other incident / general enquiry there will be a point of contact at the main registration table should you need to speak to someone. Marshalls will also be able to advise along the route or call a First Aider / 999

10. The nearest toilets are located at Eastcliff Car Park, under the Yacht Club or under Beachcomber Café.

11. There will be Dog Water stops for your dog to rehydrate should they need it at the Start / Finish Line and Beach Managers Office (opp Pier), if you know your dog will need rehydrating regularly it may be an idea to bring your own supply also. Refreshments will be available on the day from the Den, please ensure in hot weather you hydrate yourself.

12. Please abide by Marshals communications, the Organisers and Marshals word is final.

13. In the event your dog is seen to be out of control and could cause an issue for other participants, you may be asked to leave. No refunds are given in this instance.

14. If your dog can occasionally be unfriendly towards other dogs / people / doesn’t like groups of people or dogs, then this may not be a suitable event and a refund of entry will be given, this must be advised prior to the day in order to qualify for any refund.

15. Upon completion of the walk, your dog must remain on the lead.

16. If you are bringing a pushchair or wheelchair, the 1km route is level along the Promenade.

17. Where possible please take all rubbish home with you, or use the bins (not Dog bins) provided around along the Seafront.

18. Participants should have a fair health & fitness ability to participate.

19. You are responsible for your own private property and should not leave it unattended. There will be a lost property area at the Registration table should you need it.

20. Scooters, bicycles etc are not permitted as part of the Dog Walk.

21. Participants should ensure they wear appropriate footwear for the event, and take care on pavements, promenade and beaches from slips, trips and falls.

22. A first Aid provision will be available at the Registration Desk. We accept no responsibility for any accidents resulting in not following in these rules.

23. An emergency number will be issued on the day to participants if during the walk they need assistance for any reason, marshals will however be in several locations. 

24. Registration and payment , please see 'Sign up for the Walk' Page 

25. All monies raised will be split evenly between CoppaFeel (Breast Cancer Awareness)  and Animals in Distress (Animals).

Details of both charities will be available on the day with information at the stalls.

26. Prizes will be given to the best dog in fancy dress, best owner in fancy dress. A tombola will also be available at the Registration tent, all proceeds will be split between the Charities.

27. Please ensure you keep your belongings with you at all times, we cannot accept responsibility for anyone’s belongings,  or cars etc whilst they participate on the walk.

28. The Dog Agility and Fun Dog Show are being organised and managed by Dogs Actfully. Your dog must remain on the lead at all times during this event. Entry forms for the Dog Show will be available on the day. The Dog Agility will be a display run by Dogs Actfully and their members. 

29. The event organisers are Jo Gask and Emma Schooling, you can contact them at or                               


 Thankyou for your co-operation, and enjoy the walk.


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